Wednesday 13 June 2012

Veal in a tapenade crust

Veal in a tapenade crust on a puree of aubergine and red peppers, roasted almonds and spaghetti of courgette...

for two

450g fillet of veal, sliced into 3cm steaks

coated in

2 tab Sp Tapenade (black or green)
2 tab Sp breadcrumbs
3 tab Sp olive oil

Use a small spoon to press on the mixture over the meat (all over or just on top if you prefer)
Place on an oiled nonstick tray (put into the fridge for an hour to marinate and set if you can)

Roast in 190/200 oven with a handful of organic almonds in their skins (little oil on these) put them in the middle so they don't burn (remove nuts if getting too dark) they both should cook both for 9 to 12 minutes turn half way or more if you have thicker meat or don't want it pink.

While meat is baking, blend up the precooked aubergine and reheat (peeled aubergine cubed and diced pepper, salt and olive oil in a pan with a lid. Takes half an hour or so)

Heat through for few minutes courgette (cut with a julienne cutter)

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