Thursday 14 June 2012

Cutting and roasting chicken

This is how I like to section chicken to roast or to BBQ. Removing thigh bones but keeping breast meat on the bone so that cooking is even and finishes at the same time. Score the drum sticks to the bone to cook quicker. I would cook this for 1hour 10/15 minutes (a little more if a very big chicken). At about 175°C or 340°F. Once cooked, rest it up for ten minutes (please, if you can, it will relax a bit and be more juicy and tender for it).

Today I had let it marinate in olive oil, handful of fresh marjoram, salt, white and black pepper. A good few hours in the fridge if you can. To the left, you can see I have sliced one of the breast on the bone removing the skin first. We served this with a big green salad. Dressing recipe to follow!

To follow, strawberries from the garden. We have a few kilos ready and waiting to be picked, so jam making tomorrow....

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