Thursday 21 June 2012

Summer evenings....

       Summertime and we get to eat outside with friends. I marinated artichokes in lemon and oil, olives, tomatoes with salt, I grilled some chicken breasts, that I marinated in smoked salt oil and fresh dill with a hint of lime juice.  I also grilled some bread on the barbecue and made a mix of smoked salmon and fresh cream cheese with pink peppercorns. I also used some duck rillette from the butcher. Some Champagne.... it doesn't get much better and our dog had the lamb bone from the main course.

 Butterflied Leg of lamb.

 I just cut out the bone and rubbed in a blend of Indian spice, a Korma blend (including ground coriander, turmeric, cumin, caraway seeds, celery seeds, onion powder...) is good but a mix of your favourite spices will work just as well. I kept it dry as I wanted the natural fats to be drawn out and make a slight crust. you can make it thinner but I like the different variations on cooking, so you had crispy edges and still pink in the middle. I put this on the grill for no more than 20 minutes because it was heated to its maximum ( it was reading 500c... yes C could have done horse shoes on it). I seared both sides quickly and reduced the temperature to an mid heat. Then I wrapped it for 15 minutes to carry on cooking and relax. You could cook it longer for lower if your Barbecue has no lid. I sliced the joint across ways.

Cheese and salad followed and we finished up with a Strawberry tart with and almond pastry cream.

Then stars and a fire and some coffee........ or Calvados!

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