Friday 15 June 2012

Jam season...

So jam season has started and we are on our second batch. We do about 2 or 3kgs at a time (except the cherries that topped over 100kgs last year. Not that we make that all into jam! We love making chutney and BBQ glazes from the cherries. Sadly not many cherries this year due to late frosts on the flowers.

 The recipes vary a little and with strawberry we have even three - soft set (which vanilla is added for an added note), old fashioned (solid!!) and one that is for cheese cake, which is bright and juicy as it is 'just' cooked. That stays in the fridge and has a short shelf life (not that it stays around that long)

So, the basic recipe is 2kg strawberries to 2kg 'jam' sugar (with added pectin) with the juice of 1 lemon. Softer set jams have less sugar and must be kept in a fridge. I add the sugar and press the fruit with a potato masher just enough to break them a little. Let stand half an hour. Bring to the boil removing the impurities that rise to the surface. Boil for  12 -18 minutes until thick enough (you can test it by putting a little on a plate in the freezer and seeing if it runs. Once you are pleased with the thickness, put into warm sterilised jars.



  1. Ivan,
    Gosh, that jam looks great. Last year, I put some balsamic vinegar in my strawberry jam. Very nice. It will soon be sour cherry season here--almost time to get out the jam pot and jars. Loving your blog. Harriet

  2. That sounds delicious! We will have to try it.


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