Saturday 30 June 2012

Courgettes a little stuffed.


These round courgettes are fun to cook with.  Just scoop them out with a melon ball scoop or a tiny spoon. Plunge them into salted boiling water (I like to cook them for 3 minutes or so, that way they are firm still), then fill them with anything!!!  I cooked some minced beef with a few diced carrots.  A few tomatoes with a little paste and a touch of butter just heated through.  You alternatively can make them in advance and heat them in the oven.  They make a good starter, I have done them with ratatouille or mozzarella with olives and sautéed red onions and a few pine nuts (grilled). The list is endless....

1 comment:

  1. Ivan,
    What a wonderful idea. I usually stuff red bell peppers like this. Sometimes the filling is just rice and chopped vegetables for a meatless meal.



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