Friday 29 June 2012

Figs with cheese - two ways...

As a cheese course, a selection of cheeses with a roasted fig on a puff pastry disc. 
Cut a disc of pasty out and make a few slits at the top of the fig.  Here, I have placed a whole fig on its side - brush with butter and cook for 18 minutes. There is a tiny bit of shallot jam underneath the fig to add to the savouriness. 

Much the same ingredients, but as a dessert.  Here, cut out discs from a sheet of pastry after cooking (lots of fork impressions so it does not rise too much).  The goat cheese here is a very mild one, which is whisked up with honey and a little cardamom .  The fig is just warm and is added just before serving.  A drizzle of honey caramel sauce goes on top (the goat cheese can be replaced with a plain cream cheese).

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