Saturday 4 August 2012

Broccoli and a kiss of soya sauce!

Obviously not a lot to add, but as always, it's all in the execution.  Chose firm compact heads (always trim the root and put in water to give it a drink for a few hours or over night if need be).  I like to slice the broccoli into slices (depending on size, but about 4 to 6 slices).  The ends tend to go to florets, but the middle stalks are also really good.  Into a very hot non stick pan, a little olive oil and don't move around so they brown.  Lid on and turnover after 2 minutes and repeat.  De-glaze with a table spoon of soya sauce or so (mind as it will spit) and leave off the heat, but let stand for a minute with the lid on.  Serve with more soya and black pepper, we had it with simply grilled cod.  


  1. I appear to have missed a few posts so have some catching up to do! This recipe looks divine. I always like the stems as much as the florets, so full of flavour. I don't buy broccoli much as I'm the only one in the house who like it - I think I will buy it and just cook this for myself for lunch! :-)

  2. Hello Gillian,
    Thank you very much for joining, I am very happy as I really like your photography. As for the broccoli stems... I know right! I have trouble getting people to try them and they are so good! So many people just bin them, I make a soup with just the stems in the colder months. I will have to do more recipes!!


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