Sunday 15 July 2012

Summer... Really?

Unseasonally, our wood stove is on in the kitchen to chase away the chill....  


It's true, we love to have fires in the garden in the summer months.  The difference at the moment is that we are huddled around the fire to keep warm!

The view was still pleasing, we were waiting for the local fireworks display for the Bastille day celebrations. 


  1. That's one smart dog! It is so damn hot and humid here with no sign of a break. Having guests tonight so I made Susan Spungen's pork tonato (cold) and orange beets with a mustard/tarragon vinaigrette. Just pulled the roasted vegetables and sour cherry clafouti from the oven so I don't have to turn it on later.

  2. Sounds delicious, I am still loving Susan's book (thank you) cooked her brownies the other day, the best brownie recipe ever!(and her plank salmon the week before). You will have to come and visit us to cool down!!
    Ivan x

  3. What a stylish wood stove! I just found your blog because you posted on Walt's today, and I like what I see here. Your home and garden look lovely and well cared for. Somebody has an eye for style.

    Food and Normandy is a great combination for a blog. What department of Normandy are you in, or if you don't want to get specific, upper or lower Normandy?

  4. Hello Carolyn,
    Thank you very much for stopping by and your kind comments. The stove we had sent from Spain (it was cheaper to have it sent, than to buy it here! Also my partner luckily speaks many languages). It is wonderful for bread and slow cooking on the top. We live in the Eure (27) in upper Normandy our nearest town is Bernay which was not touched by the war. It's very pretty with enough good shops and has a real market Saturdays (I need to expand my bio!). I have a high pile of notebooks with 22 years of recipes and ideas (apparently only I can decipher) that I wanted to share! I am starting slowly and it is a whole new experience for me, my recipes are very brief so I have to expand them (a joke with my friends and family who often ask 'can we have some more clues with that please!' I might be 6'5" but I an still quite timid and not that good at expressing myself.... yet!


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