Monday 23 July 2012

Le Chateau de Beaumesnil

(Sorry, food coming!  Pictures done, but I make my recipes up as I go along and I was having such a nice time I wrote nothing down, again .... I get told off all the time!!!  So they are on the way....)


This Chateau is near where we live, we often take our guest for a walk here (to digest too much lunch! - Saturday was no exception).  It is deceptive in size, ornate but much smaller than you imagine when you visit inside.  It does not detract from its beauty, more you have dreams, you could manage a place like this!!! (me anyway!...OK still in dreamland!).   The other chateau we really enjoy going to near us is the 'Chateau de Champ de Bataille', we go to the open air opera there once a year with fireworks after.  The interior there is stunning, now that is an even bigger dream!!!

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