Wednesday 11 July 2012

Cannelloni of roasted chicken and chestnut mushrooms

Using a batch of the pasta in the previous post, roll the dough out and fill with almost anything!  Here, I have used chestnut mushrooms (precooked, but always add extra moisture, which is what you need so the cannelloni can cook inside).  I also used leftover chicken from a roasted chicken, a good way to use up the wonderful meat off the bones.  I minced (or just chop) up both in equal quantities, choose your own percentages.  If your filling is dry, add a little stock or sauce to your mix for the required moisture.  Place the filling on the pasta and roll making sure it overlaps a good few centimeters and keeping the seam underneath.  Cut into portions so as to fill the dish you have chosen (see below).  

Something that I like to do is to put some vegetables on the base.  Usually, I use sautéed spinach, which is a good combination and makes it a 'one dish wonder'.  I place the cannelloni on the spinach bed, with little spaces between them, so they cook evenly and they can expand.  I then cover with tomato sauce.  You can use a cheese sauce or a mix of both.  I then cover with a layer of parmesan cheese.  If your sauce does not cover the cannelloni completely, don't worry, just cover tightly with tin foil so as the steam stays in.  Bake for about an hour on a low heat (it may be quicker if you are not using an earthenware dish).  The sauce should be boiling, which means the pasta is cooked.

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