Tuesday 3 July 2012

Aubergines baked with Beaufort cheese

As I bought too many aubergines at the market this weekend, I thought I would grill them all on the barbecue (peeled, sliced lengthways, salted - leave an hour and brush with olive oil, then grilled).  From this point on, I usually go off in an Italian direction (parmesan, basil..), but not always.  I also had unwrapped cheeses that didn't even make the cheese platter at dinner at the weekend.  Selecting the Beaufort (from the Savoie region, it is a hard cows' milk cheese with a unique sharp taste).  So, I made a thin bechamel sauce (about 400 ml), melting in some grated Beaufort cheese (any strong mountain cheese should work, hard ewes' milk cheese or Swiss styled ones also).  Once the cheese has melted, add half a glass of dry white wine to the sauce, black pepper (no herbs - there is enough taste).  Then, alternately layering up on a deep ceramic dish, topping with bread crumbs and baking for an hour on a low heat.  As you can see, the sauce did not overtake the dish - it just adds a beautiful back note along with the barbecue taste.  It is really good served hot or cold and it freezes well  for a lazy day.

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