Tuesday 10 July 2012

Homemade Pasta...

This is the gateway to a world of real homemade food :  food that gives me equal pleasure to make as to eat.  It does take efforts to perfect, but it's worth it.  As shown below, I still occasionally make it the old fashion way, even if I own more pasta machines that I care to mention!  Cutting it a little imperfectly, just so people notice!!!

200g flour
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of water
1 tablespoon of olive oil

I used to do this by hand.  Now, I start this off in a food processor.  Putting in three quarters of your flour with the eggs, water and oil.  Pulse and let mix for a minute adding the rest of the flour so it forms a ball (you may add a little more water or flour, depending on the size of eggs and the flour).  It should be slightly sticky as you have to knead it for a few minutes.

Kneading, on a work surface, throw the ball of pasta down hard, stretch with two hands, fold and quarter turn.  It will become less sticky and really smooth.  Dust with flour and wrap, resting in the fridge for an hour more.

Roll out with some flour, if using a machine let the pasta rest between rolling. The same by hand -  pushing and rolling in short movements as you work upwards.  Keep the pasta moving around by turning, so that it does not stick.  It tends to retract, so roll a little thinner than you want.  I go through phases of thick or thin pasta.  It is all in your hands...

 To cook, plunge in boiling salted water.  Keep the water turning with a spoon and once it floats:  it's done.  Drain and dress.  Here, I have gone with thick and wide pasta with just butter and olive oil, black pepper, salt and marjoram. 


  1. i've never made pasta, but i have to
    try this one. this thick pasta looks
    super yummy. i am crazy about pasta,
    often have it on my day off lunch.
    thanks for the simple recipe.

    1. Hello Coco,
      I am happy you like this recipe - I make it often and never get tired of it!

    2. it was so good that i had it for lunch(with bacon and mashroom)
      again, for supper(with tuna). so good. i will certainly try
      again and again. thanks for sharing good & simple recipe.

  2. looks lovely, followed the link from coco's page, i will have to try this too

    1. Hello Helen,
      Thank you, I am very pleased you stopped by. The pasta is very tasty and a lot of fun to make - hope you enjoy it.


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