Friday 31 August 2012

More than a little soup...

A "demi-tasse" or half cup of soup is ideal for a small starter or amuse-bouche.  But to serve a small potion, it has to be special, rich and make you hungry for the next course...

Here, I made a mussel and safron cream with a pinch of spice. Rich and creamy... it is like taking a big spoonful out of the middle of a luxury pie!

You need a handful of mussels per serving, some of their cooking juices and some cream.  You can start off as a white sauce with a little butter melted and some flour adding in equal parts milk and mussel juice (which you strain and don't put in the last bit in case of sand).  In goes the saffron, just a pinch, whisk and reduce for ten minutes;  then, add the cream and reduce until you have a luxurious velvet texture.  Add the mussels and a pinch of chilli off the heat so they warm through  and serve.

Simple, small, but so much more than just "soup".


  1. It seems that the smell comes through here!!!! Mmmmm I love spicy food, and that soup looks delicious! Have a nice week. ;O)

  2. Oh wow that looks amazing - definitely more than just soup!


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