Sunday 26 August 2012

And we are back...

So, we return fully rested and recharged of energy after an agreeable holiday (more posts later).  Lots of projects and plans for the "rentrée"...

So, I bought a lot of fish as it was so so fresh from our new fishmonger yesterday.  This evening, we had some brill (barbue in French) from the same family as turbot (less the price tag).  It was excellent, firm in texture with delicate taste.  I pan fried it in olive oil and a touch of butter. Think more of a poach on a mid heat for a few minutes, slowly and turning once, letting it rest a few minutes at the end.  I served it with a spaghetti of cucumber which takes 30 seconds to just heat through and some basmati rice.  Adding some fresh herbs with salt and pepper to the cooking juices and drizzle a little around .

This afternoon, we spent at our friends house/shop.  They deal in antiques and 1930 style furniture, a style a lot in demand at the moment.

Their garden has a lake with swans and a pond...

They have a lot of stock and if you like something, buy it because it goes quickly.  They are also amazing interior designers, you can see the interiors next time.

Have a good week...


  1. That shop looks fantastic - and the chairs by the lake...good friends to have!

  2. Hi,
    Yes, it's a very special place! It isn't often you get to go antique shopping and go for a walk in a beautiful garden at the same time !! Ivan ;-)

  3. Welcome Ivan, that lot of stock is like a little paradise. ;O)

  4. Hi Sopa,
    Yes and there are 8 rooms like it!! So much to see, a lot of metal furniture from the 1940's that he strips the paint from and then varnishes. It is very chic! Ivan :-}


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