Thursday 30 August 2012

Léa's Dinner...

On Tuesday evening, we were invited to a delicious birthday dinner cooked by our friend's 18 year old daughter, Léa.

Tartar of sea-bream in lemon juice with red onion.

Marinated veal with capers and parmesan cheese and a dusting of "piment d'espelette".

Fillet of beef with summer vegetables.

Farm cheeses with fig jam.

Home-made ice cream with kirsch and candied orange.
In the back ground you can see her father's magic, yes the best macarons in the world....
M.C La Maison du Macaron

Happy birthday Christian, we had a very lovely evening. x


  1. Wow, at 18 she is quite a talented cook! It all looks very impressive, and I'm sure it was delicious. I love macarons. I tried to make them once but it didn't turn out well. I need more practice! Earlier this year I bought some Laduree macarons in London. They were expensive but absolutely worth every penny. Especially the salted caramel ones, my favourite.

    My friend made some recently for a party which were basil and lime flavour. Sounds odd but they were divine - fresh and summery and fragrant.

  2. She is talented and really sweet too, she is just starting medicine at uni today. Our friend does salted caramel too and they are my favourite ones also. The basil and lime sounds a good mix, I have made macarons but they are just easier to buy!!



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