Saturday 11 August 2012

Canada here we come...

Oh the guilt... why I fall for it is beyond me!  My parents are en route all the way from  London (as  someone has to take care of their son's house and someone else theirs! - it's not easy going away!) to spoil him rotten (Thank you - I don't deserve you!). 

So we are off to Canada to visit my partner's family (hi all x).  We are very excited and looking forward to seeing everyone.  I still will post from my phone (hopefully!) as there are some really nice restaurants. Better continue with the packing minus a pug! Have a good weekend all...


  1. Canada, how exciting! Have a fantastic time.

  2. Thank you! We have lots planned and lots of family to catch up with, very excited. Bags nearly packed.... had to put five pairs of socks back as 'pug' had stolen/removed them!! You too have a good week. Ivan

  3. I hope you have a happy holidays!!! Bon voyage. :O)

  4. Thank you very much. Hope the heat was bearable for you this weekend. Ivan:-)


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