Sunday 16 September 2012

Pork, peach and tomato salad...

This is not an obvious choice, but it was a nice balance.   For me, my cooking is all about balancing flavours and textures, even if it is only subtlety.  I always think pork can be heavy and mixing it with the peaches cuts the "heaviness".  If you are thinking this is sweet, it really wasn't as the tang of vinegar in the dressing (more vinegar than I usually put in a dressing) balances the peachy flavour and sweetness.  Teasing the palate further, the addition of mint leaves was strangely right.

For 2 : 
One pork fillet
Three large beef heart tomatoes (skins off and de-seeded please!) or six normal ones
Two normal peaches (skinned - if they just peal off)
One shallot finely sliced
Fourteen small mint leaves

Dressing :
One teaspoon mustard
Two tablespoons vinegar (champagne vinegar)
Six tablespoons olive oil

1. Season pork and cook through for nine minutes with the lid on, deglasing at last minute with tablespoon of vinegar, leaving it for five minutes to rest in the pan so it continues cooking from the residual heat. Cool down to just warm or cold would be fine, if you want to do it ahead of time.

2. Skin the tomatoes and peaches and slices or cubes, (remove the tomato seeds).

3. Assemble the salad in layers and pour the dressing over the salad.

Although summer is almost behind us, we can still have a little colour in our lives!


  1. I would never have thought of putting peaches with pork, but I can see how it would work. It sounds utterly delicious.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks, it isn't everybody's idea of 'yum' but I was really surprised how tasty it was, you could start with less peach, maybe thin slices too, but I will be making it again even though it was a 'test'! I made your blackberry and apple crumble also (granite of blackberries = red tongued deliciousness!!), it was fantastic - I am always going to put the oats in from now on! Hope you had a fun weekend.


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